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I intentionally kick it short, usually received on round the 18, change players immediately, happens to be my fb on kick coverage group, run out him in a broad arc to the left, missing all the Madden 21 coins blockers, return after the blockers, then struck the hit stick right since I get to the returner, when I have missed all of the blockers and get to him, he'll fumble every time and also my coverage staff will recuperate it around the 30 yard line.

I found it by accident. I have really only ever used it intentionally in such as week 17 if I've got offensive players near statistical prospects or breaking documents

How could I, the match does not even know how soccer is supposed to work Don't get me wrong, I try and play somewhat legit.

Yeah but.... Perhaps you have played cheap Mut 21 coins? The game IS broken.

This works extremely well in MUT too. Super simple way to get Mills' Forced Fumbles done.

Could EA please explain the reason why they took this material out of the sport in online H2H: Compare stats, history, cumulative stats, scouting, weather, challenges, and capacity to conserve depth charts? And after they explain, please place them back in!

I have yet to come across anything this egregious.

Wow that is an wonderful onside kick gameplay very original and I would love to see it used at the NFL.So you don't know whether you understand how people despise this game and you are asking us? Hard to tell, friend.