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Space-saving Modular Labeler

The all-rounders for labels, labeling with utmost flexibility

Whether round containers or specially-shaped bottles of glass or PET: The Maticline modular labelers are real all-rounders, because they are suitable for handling cold-glue, hotmelt and self-adhesive labels alike. Their modular design
even enables a combination of different labeling techniques for only one container.

At a glance
1. Labelling of glass and plastic containers with pre-cut labels, wrap-around labels or self-adhesive labels on only one container table
2. Depending on the version, maximum output between 6,000 and 72,000 containers per hour
3. Easy change of labeling process by labeling station change-over according to a simple Plug & Label principle

Benefits to you
1. Flexibility
Four different labeling systems can be employed in any combination on one machine.

2. Space-saving
The machines require very little space because labeling stations not needed are replaced, and there is no need for a table plate.

3. User-friendliness
The machines are easily accessible for maintenance and change-over and they can be operated comfortably via the swivel touch-screen.

4. Efficiency
Thanks to servo motor-controlled container plates, the containers are individually turned according to the decoration and the brushing-on sections are used optimally.

5. Quick start-up
The modular machine design facilitates positioning in the bottling and packaging line, and it enables an especially fast start-up.
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