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In the path of exile, having endless POE Currency is the dream of many players. Now this dream can be realized. The Endless Delve event (December 11-18) will only be held at the Azurite Mine. Sulfite is not necessary, so you can go to the depths of the earth until you are gone. Since you cannot complete the task, you will regularly receive the passive points and resistance penalties that you would normally receive during the documentation process.

In the Delve incident, you have no right to enter a hidden place or city-you are actually just in the mine. You can get skill gems from Lilly Roth. Only a self-sufficient game model is possible-that is, there are no groups of players or transactions with each other.

There are also microtransactions that can be won. Although every player with a certain degree of progress has a surprise box, the rewards will still be randomly assigned in the later stages: although this is the current Liga Heist event, you still have to create a new character. But: In the flashback event, you can still get challenge rewards from Heist. Contrary to the Delve and Mayhem events, you can also take over the items won in the Standard League!

When you Buy POE Currency, you will get the "Twilight Surprise Box" and it will automatically get rewards. Other microtransactions and "Demi-God Power" will be awarded at the end of the event. If you get a reward, you will receive a private message through the website. Please note that all prizes except Surprise Box and "Demi-God Power" will be randomly allocated and cannot be guaranteed. After receiving all the rewards, we will notify you on Twitter immediately.