What is the confusion before new POE players

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2020 is very difficult for all game manufacturers worldwide. Take Path of Exile as an example. Although the developers of the game team tried their best to release every regular extension as scheduled during the year, what everyone did not expect was the POE 3.13 that was supposed to release in mid-December. They delayed the expansion until January next year. The fundamental reason is that its release time is too close to the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, leading to this phenomenon. Although it has hit the enthusiasm of players to a certain extent, it is most important for novice players to choose the right profession and use some POE Currency to carry out the journey of exile.

Many novice players will be confused as to whether the old players in the game will rob or attack them. In fact, they don’t have to have this concern at all. Because with their current strength, they are unlikely to have too many valuable items, and for the old players, completing more exciting tasks is much more interesting than attacking these novice players. So the question before them is how they choose a career to start the game.

Before discussing this issue, they need to understand how attributes play their role in the game. In addition to the requirements for equipment such as POE Uniques (especially when using POE Orbs) and gems, they also increase offensive and defensive potential. Strength increases physical damage and life, agility increases dodge and accuracy, and intelligence increases mana and energy shields. Therefore, certain traditional POE constructions will follow specific main attributes. Players can see this by looking at each person’s starting position in the shared passive skill tree.

However, one thing that both players and ordinary people know is that the development trend of things today is to keep pace with the times. Therefore, it is best for players to start their journey with new and more useful occupations. If they still hope that they can achieve greater success, they might as well go to Buy more POE Currency, which is a better way.

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