What pain points can obd tracking device improve for the logistics industry?

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GPS technology has already penetrated into many industries, such as automobiles, communications, Internet of Things, etc., and with the rapid development of transportation and logistics, the improvement of GPS/GIS technology and the wide application of GSM wireless communication technology, GPS technology is a smart logistics technology. Control brings powerful and reasonable and effective tools, and obd tracking device is one of the most powerful tools.

Generally speaking, logistics and transportation companies have the following pain points in the management of logistics express vehicles:

1. The vehicle location is not updated in time, and the logistics status is not updated in time;

2. The goods or vehicles are stolen, and the driver does not comply with traffic regulations;

3. The cost of communication with the employees in the car is too high, the employees' private use of the car, and the work efficiency is low;

4. There are many business coverage areas, many vehicles and redundant information.

So how does obd tracking device solve these problems in the logistics industry?

Real-time monitoring: The wired obd tracking device is equipped with the functions of real-time monitoring, trajectory query and mileage statistics, and the positioning error is within 10 meters. The logistics enterprise can understand the dynamics and position of the logistics vehicle in real time, and upload the logistics information to the logistics platform, and make a good estimate. The estimated time of arrival allows customers to grasp the logistics status of the goods in real time.

Multiple alarms: Fence alarm, power failure alarm, illegal door opening/starting vehicle alarm, tamper alarm, etc. to improve the anti-theft performance of logistics transportation vehicles and maximize the safety of vehicles and goods. In addition, the obd tracking device is also equipped with two functions: speeding alarm and SOS distress alarm, to help regulate the driver's driving behavior, so that the driver can timely seek help from the management center in the event of an accident.

Remote monitoring: The remote monitoring function provided by the obd tracking device can assist the manager to contact the driver in real time, reasonably and effectively reduce the communication cost of the enterprise and improve the work efficiency of the employees.

Management platform: As long as the obd tracking device is installed, all the information of the vehicle will be presented on the platform, which is convenient for enterprises to control and dispatch all logistics vehicles in a unified manner. efficiency.

obd tracking device https://www.eelinktracker.com/OBD-GPS-Tracker/

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