How To Fix Gmail Account Not working on outlook mail app?

When Gmail is not working on outlook app. it means, something is wrong with the user account or password. so here are the guide to fix it.

These days, some Gmail users are preferring to access their account through Outlook mail application. because this application allows them to access the mail application while they are offline.

Talking about the account setup, you can easily configure the Gmail account on this application and it will work perfectly fine. but in some rare cases, gmail might stop working on the outlook application. generally, that happens when login credentials gets changed. But sometimes, can also be because of the some other issues.

So if you can’t connect the Gmail to the outlook application. do not worry, here are the guide for you. you can apply it on your account to the find solution.

How To Fix Gmail not working on the outlook application?

Update the password –

When you can't access Gmail on the outlook application. you need to check the username and password for your Gmail account. most probably, this login credentials are outdated. that’s why you are unable to access the Gmail account on your mail application.

So you need to open the account settings page on Gmail. Here you need to click on the Gmail account and then click on the edit button. now update your password here. After that you need to click on the done button.


Enable the IMAP/ pop 3 server -

If incoming servers are disabled on the Gmail account, you won’t be able to access the Gmail account even if you use the correct login password. so need to go to the Gmail settings. here you need to enable the imap or pop3 server. whichever you are using. Now save the settings. after that, you should try to sync the Gmail account on the mail application.

Reconfigure the Account-

Some users are unable to access the Gmail account because of the incorrect username or password errors. Most probably, the login credentials are incorrect. so you need to remove the current account. now reconfigure the mail account again. it will start working fine on your devices now.


Once you will make these changes into the Outlook account. it will start working fine. for more details, you need to visit outlook applications. There you will find the complete guide.



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