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Methods to identify the particular and faux cigarette? Li qun xi zi shining Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA sun real and additionally false smoke cigars belt chart identification 2020

Liqun tobacco are usually welcomed just by consumers you can find and the country's reputation is as well very wonderful. Although entertainment Liqun Xizi Sunshine isn't really expensive, the cigarettes continue counterfeit. Today Xiaobian collated all the relevant info about how to work out the substantial and faux sunshine tobacco in Liqun Western side, Wholesale Cigarettes Newport 100s Cigarettes Store follow Xiaobian to recognize it at the same time.

1. Comparison about printing technique differences relating to the front side for the trademark conventional paper: the great trademark conventional paper adopts balance printing, and all the characters about "Liqun" and additionally pinyin in the center adopt embossing and additionally bronzing technique. The concave and additionally convex perception is obvious as soon as you touch it together with hand, and therefore the main sequence of "Su Di Chunxiao" is normally darker for color;