The best Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Since its 2016 release, Pokémon Go has periodically added new species from numerous generations.

There are 18 several types of Pokémon species. These types are stronger against some while being weaker against others. Each Pokémon has access to different moves as well as a set of unique stats that factor into its overall strength. With so many species amongst players, it may be confusing for players to understand which Pokémon are the top to take into battle.

For this list, we're planning to cover Pokémon Go's best Fighting-type Shiny Pokemon, which are strong against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type Pokémon. Here are the top Fighting-type species in Pokémon Go.

Conkeldurr. Fighting Pokémon are notable for being great attackers that have a plethora of favorable matchups. But Conkeldurr is another great defender. With a max CP of 3,773, Conkeldurr's base stat allocation is great and fairly balanced, allowing the Pokémon to be played with as both an assailant or defender if your situation demands it. Conkeldurr lacks critical weaknesses, which means that while some matchups aren't favorable, you'll find none that should be avoided entirely.

Blaziken. This third-generation starter evolution boasts both Fire and Fighting-type moves rolling around in its arsenal. Blaziken's base stat allocation is tailored around its attack, and considering the options in terms of move choices, it is something Blaziken does well. The best-combined moves for the Fighting-type offense are Counter with Blast Burn. While Blaziken may use the Charged move Focus Blast, the damages difference between that attack and Blast Burn is really large issues isn't worth changing, whether or not the matchup requires it.

Lucario. As a Fighting and Steel-type Pokémon. Lucario provides a great choice for players to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Lucario is centered on the attack. While it might not have the highest statistical damage output, given its resistances and insufficient critical weakness, Lucario has much versatility which enables it to be used effectively in numerous matchups.

If you currently have a Shadow Machamp, you won't require any Fighting-type Pokémon. But if this isn't true, you could catch an everyday Machamp that may still generate a great addition for your team.

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