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In case you are not the type to indulge in daydreaming, here's an example.

When you have completed your list, write down ways you can use those talents now. Don't worry whether or not your ideas make sense. Let your mind revel in the fantasy. Verma Farms CBD Gummies Allow yourself to become completely absorbed in your ideas. Don't be logical; be creative.

In case you are not the type to indulge in daydreaming, here's an example.

Let's say your strength is photography. You thoroughly enjoyed it, received high praise for your work, and perhaps got high marks for it in school. Somewhere along the way, you put your camera down and only use it now during special occasions.

Take that skill and turn on the creativity. How can you use your photography skills now? You could: take one subject (let's say, clowns) and photograph every clown you see. Go through catalogues, newspapers, magazines, and online. Put together your best and submit them to one of the stock photo agencies. You could offer to take photos as a volunteer at a local non-profit group or for a sports team. If you also enjoy gardening or looking at gardens, offer to take photos for your local horticultural society.

There are many ways to utilize your skills, either as a photographer or simply as a person with some great creative ideas.

Now, you're probably wondering what all this has to do with anxiety relief and getting motivated.

By allowing yourself to free up your hidden talents and creative mind, you encourage the rebuilding of your confidence. Where confidence exists, anxiety doesn't. This exercise puts you in control of one aspect of our life - your mind. No longer is it left under the control of your anxiety.



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