You can even get them repaired before they completely stink

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Another alternative comes in if you've got 50 Magic. There's a spell called"Rock Enhance", necessitating 4 Fire runes, 1 Air rune, and 2 Cosmic runes. It can simply be cast after the rock has been mined. This charm will RS gold turn the stone to some"Binding Stone". Pick this up and use it with the ore to get a"Strong Ore". Should you make a Complete armor set for this, the armor will continue more (see below)

Platelegs require 2 ores, Platbodies are 5 ores, and helmets are two ores. All these armors degrade, like Barrows armor. Alum can take 500 harm, or 700 with gold may take 1000 damage, or 1300 with binding, and diamond can take 1500 harm, or even a huge 2000 with binding. As soon as they are degraded fully, you need to make some further from ores. To make these armors, then you need to take the ores to a furnace, which will turn them to chucks instead of bars. Then use them in an anvil with a hammer. Diamond armor gives 200 exp for every piece you make, gold gives 150 exp and alum gives 80 exp.

You can even get them repaired before they completely stink, but you have to go to Bob the Axe Salesman at Lumbridge for a cost. The requirements are: Alum-20 Defence. Gold-40 Defence. Diamond-60 Defence. They are sometimes mined at Buy old school rs gold any level. Spined Body. To get a Spined Platebody, you must find some Kebbit Spines out of Prickly Kebbits.