How to maintain your iPhone’s battery health


First of all, you should know why your iPhone battery goes bad so fast. And it can be not because of using high resources app as Here are some of the  common reasons: 

  1. Heavy usage: Continuous use of the phone for streaming, gaming, browsing, and downloading large files can drain the battery and cause it to drain quickly. 
  2. Leave apps running in the background: When apps run in the background, they still use power, especially those that track your location, even if you're not actively using them. As a result, battery life can be significantly reduced. 
  3. Exposure to heat: high temperatures can damage the battery and cause it to deteriorate faster. 
  4. iOS not updating: Update fixes include iOS optimizations. So not updating your iPhone can also affect battery health. 
  5. Using third-party batteries or chargers: Using non-Apple accessories can damage the battery and degrade its overall health over time. 
  6. Battery Life: Batteries have a limited life. And as they age, they naturally lose some of their abilities. 


Ways to maintain iPhone battery health 

To see the current battery health, go to Settings → Battery → Battery health and charge and check the percentage of maximum capacity. 

Apple considers a battery capacity of 80% or more ideal. To avoid missing this mark and avoid battery malfunctions, you must use best practices and maintain the health of your iPhone battery. 


  1. Don't let your iPhone overheat 

The worst enemy of the iPhone battery is extreme temperatures and heat. According to Apple, your iPhone can operate at temperatures up to 95°F without damage. In addition, the battery can suffer irreparable damage and even your iPhone can explode. Although your iPhone has built-in security features that allow you to temporarily disable it under certain circumstances. 

To prevent the iPhone battery from overheating, do not leave it in the sun or in front of a heater in a car. In addition, temperatures below 0 °C reduce battery life. This reduces the battery's ability to store charges. So taking precautions will help keep your iPhone battery in good condition. 


  1. Use  original Apple chargers 

Apple always recommends using official cables, adapters, and wireless chargers. Third-party chargers have bad wires and don't properly adhere to standards, although they can drain your iPhone. In addition, official Apple accessories prevent power surges and short circuits. 

Some small businesses make copycat products. So, if you've purchased MagSafe products online, it's a good idea to check the firmware of your Apple MagSafe charger and make sure you have the original product. 


  1. Avoid Letting Your iPhone Die 

Draining your iPhone's battery is one of the worst things you can do to it. If a discharged Li-ion battery remains in this state for an extended period of time, it will enter a deep discharge mode and never work again. So Apple addressed the problem and made iPhone batteries store backup power when they die. 

However, if your iPhone runs out of power, charge it as soon as possible. Also, use low power mode on your iPhone when the battery is 20% or less. This will extend the life of the battery until you can go to the mains. I usually juice my iPhone several times a day to keep it from draining completely.


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