They are possible Runescape monsters from levels 1-360

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They are essential to play documents. They can be held in your stock, or put in your POH. You want one gramaphone per document. Records: -Created with 81 crafting. Can be bought in the composer to get 600k. They aren't RuneScape gold stackable, even in banks (when full). They're stackable in banks when they are blank. Can be marketed (blank). Minimum GE cost of 400k, highest GE price of 600k. Cannot be traded if not sterile. Can't be emptied after a makeup is on these. Could only be created after finishing the quest. Can only be played a gramaphone. Compositions can only be placed on them from the composer. There is a maximum of 28 records to a person at any particular time.

The Composer: -Short guy that appears like Beethoven (named something similar, too). The music manufacturer: -like the port of Thesselia or the Hairdresser. Buttons on the bottom to pick the note length (eighth, quarter, dotted quarter, half, dotted half, whole) (period is obviously 4:4) Button to get a tie on the top (price per not doubles every time a tie is above them). Cost for putting a makeup on a record: 500k + 2k per beat (quarter note = 1 beat) (twice when tie is present).

The purchase price for a makeup may easily make 1million, and is so pricy it is less of a bandwidth problem. Three octaves are available, the one about the scale, the one below it, along with the one above (I'll perform a imitation with this in a bit) The tempo is static Old school runescape buy gold per composition, and is user defined between 60 and 180 bpm. Eight different instruments are available (max of 2 per composition) It was possible on an old nokia cell phone, it shouldn't be too difficult to put to a much higher-tech game.