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Jagex understands about them. Everyone needs them. It has been at the back of everyone's mind - so when will they release it? Player Owned Shops has been talked about in the past sometime on any forum that is connected to runescape. It's been at the back of our heads and Jagex's heads. Therefore, why haven't they published player owned shops yet? Idk but here it goes...

Player Owned Shops: Skill: Have your own shop. You can have individuals that help customers who are employed in the store the clerks. You can have the people that bring the things to your store (Woodcutters, Miners, Smithers etc.). Then you have the acountant who'll take care of all of the buisness's funds. And then there's the owner, president or CEO of the company. If it is a small shop it's owner. If it's a president it's a bigger shop, but not enormous. When it's a firm wiith many stores and alot of workers he's called the CEO.

Player Owned Shops isn't a skill. Whoever owns the shop, shop or buisness, can create unique stores. When it's a larger company, they are able to have a maximum of 5 stores. That is so POS won't compete with NPC owned shops. You can begin off with Rs gold 2007 a single store. Players may get into the store by using a POS portal site (In same town's as POH's). The client can come in and use the option'Trade Store Owner' to find an inventory of items, just like in NPC shops.