Is the sale and sale of laser pointers illegal?

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A few days ago, the European Commission’s rapid non-food early warning system (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning to Chinese-made "JD" brand laser pointers. Laser pointer, also known as laser pointer, pointing pointer, etc., is a portable, easy-to-hold pen-type transmitter that emits visible laser light, which is designed and processed by semiconductor laser module (diode). According to different wavelengths, people divide high power laser pointer into red light (650-660nm, 635-640nm), green light (520-525nm, 532nm), blue light (445-450nm, 465nm) and blue-violet light (405nm), etc. The power is usually In milliwatts.

In the United States, lasers are classified by the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Visible light (wavelength 400-700nm) laser pointers with a power of less than 1 milliwatt are classified as Class 2 (Class 2 or II); those with a power of 1-5 milliwatts are classified as Class 3 A (Class 3A or IIIa). Class 3B (Class 3B/IIIb) lasers (power 5–500 mW) and Class 4 (Class 4/IV) lasers (power greater than 500 mW) cannot be promoted and sold in the name of Green laser pointer by law. The customs reminds citizens that since the light beam emitted by this type of laser pointer may damage the eyes and skin, under no circumstances should the light spot emitted by the laser pointer be directed to the eyes. According to the "Regulations", no person is allowed to supply, manufacture or import consumer products, unless such consumer products comply with the general safety requirements of the Ordinance, otherwise it is illegal.

Against the background of the "laser pen imaging planes" that have occurred frequently in many places in Japan in recent years, the police here held an exhibition in July this year] The purchase of a laser pointer commonly known as a laser pointer was accused of hiding offensive weapons, which triggered heated discussions in the community. Is it illegal to sell? According to legal professionals, the sale of laser pointers is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Regulations. Whether it is illegal depends on the energy emitted by the Laser pointer and whether the packaging meets safety standards. It is reported that the Customs has successfully prosecuted seven cases of illegal sale of laser pointers in the past. During the search operation, four persons suspected of selling ultra-standard high-power laser pointers on the Internet were arrested.