Amazon announces New World global release time, servers and bonuses

Amazon announces New World global release time, servers and bonuses

The release date of New World is getting closer, and detailed information about the expected content is constantly being released. Currently, Amazon has released all important information about when players can log in to the server. The launch server for jumping into the player's own adventure in Aeternum has been announced, along with detailed information about the suggested language, and the New World Coins team has organized to find the best home for them. Now, server opening hours across regions usually reflect similar local time in most cases.

The North American server will open at 8 am Eastern time, which means that those servers playing on West Coast and West Coast servers can start at 5 am local time. For Europe, 8 am CEST on 9/28 is the start time, but for those who switch, this is technically 11 pm Pacific time on 9/27. The South American server will open the BRT at 8 AM (4 AM Pacific Time).

The deviation from this plan is Australia, which will begin at 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. According to Amazon, due to time zone differences, the decision is “in line with the timing of a larger global launch”. Since this applies to 4 a.m. Pacific time, this will allow global audiences to gather most of their time for discussions, streaming, and general introductions to the world that awaits them.

New World Coins

Amazon also released some new promotional announcements to coincide with the announcement. After the Battle of New World ended, 66 creators received a Twitch drop unique to their channel and a copy of it distributed to their viewers for free within two weeks of its release. These streamers will distribute Vinespun weapon skin suits. Another promotion will be carried out through Amazon Prime Gaming, the company will release new products for members from the launch day. The first batch will be picked up at launch, and the second batch will arrive on October 12.

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