Essay at school

Essay writing in middle and elementary school

The composition "Stages of solving problems" is popular with schoolchildren and students. The topic of an essay is a specific problem, it can be personal or global in nature. The author must offer the maximum number of solutions, and then draw a conclusion in which to indicate the optimal ones.

The structure of the letter looks like this:

Introduction. The name of the problem indicates why it is important, its causes and possible consequences.
Main part. The maximum number of solutions is chosen. They usually start with the simplest solution and end up with an extraordinary and innovative solution. Although the structure can be any - the point is to keep the reader interested. Do not signal with platitudes, argue clearly, write facts and figures. In the essay, it is important to write what the consequences of the proposed measures will be if they are taken.

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The introduction to the story should touch the reader, encourage further reading. Of course, template sentences cannot be avoided, but after them there should be interesting and informative information, which should be written by you or some other author (if you don’t know where to look for authors, here’s an example best authors here) The introduction is a commentary by the author.


defines key concepts and explains why it is important to consider the issue;
aspects of the chosen topic;
an explanation of why you want to consider this topic.

An English essay is a short narrative, strictly on topic and model. The teacher must see that he does not deviate from the topic, devotes exactly what is needed, otherwise the emu will have to rewrite everything anew, since if you make quite a lot of mistakes, you will also have to rewrite your essay, or the author will rewrite my essay instead me.In the introduction, use arguments that clearly correspond to the meaning of the essay. It should be clear that the reader will find the answer in the story.

A well-structured introduction contains information that:

the author understands the topic;
the reader receives an answer to a question of interest;
the essay does not cover topics other than the main topic;
they did a mini-study on the topic.
By design, the introduction should not exceed 10% of the full text. Given that the essay is approximately 1500 words, the introduction should be between 120 and 150 words.


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