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How to choose a wedding Banarasi saree

Congratulations! Preparations are in full swing for your D-Day and as the bride-to-be, you now have to choose the perfect wedding outfit for the all-important Day!


If you decide to wear traditional, you can never go wrong with the perennial wedding classic, the elegant weaves from the age-old handlooms of Banaras…the Banarasi silk sarees. Styles come and go but traditional Banarasi silk sarees never go out of style. An Indian wedding essential, these sarees are the very definition of grandeur, befitting royalty. In fact, in India, it is believed that a bride with Banarasi sarees in her wedding trousseau will always rule like a queen in her new home.


Your wedding being one of the most magical days of your life, putting together the perfect outfit for this occasion is no mean feat. Here’s a handy guide to choosing Banarasi silk sarees for weddings:


Budget:: Benarasi sarees come in different price ranges. First, you need to decide your budget before you start hunting for the perfect saree. You can even buy Banarasi silk sarees online in websites that sell genuine and authentic Banarasi saree online georgette


Know Your Banarasi Sarees:-


With so many knock-offs in the market, you need to identify genuine Banarasi silk sarees from the clutter. Did you know, a genuine Banarasi sari consists of approximately 5600 thread wires, each of them 45-inch wide? The denser the zari pattern, the greater the count.


Banarasi sarees come in four fabric variations. They are:


  • Katan

  • Georgette

  • Shattir

  • Organza (Kora) with zari and silk


You will also find different design variations such as:


  • Jamdani

  • Jangla sarees

  • Tanchoi sarees

  • Tissue Sarees

  • Butidar sarees

  • Cut work sarees


Research on each of these fabric types and designs before you make a decision.

Time of ceremony: The time of the ceremony is a very important factor for deciding the colour of your Banarasi saree. While traditionally, women opt for red sarees, for morning weddings you can also choose lighter colors like peach, cream, powder blue, pastel shades, lime or mint green, light pink. For a night time ceremony, go for darker shades like fire shades (red, yellow, orange) rust, emerald green, wine or deeper jewel tones like emerald green, pomegranate, wine.


Body type:Are you tall or short? Do you have a muffin top amp;love handles or are you slim and svelte? Either way, your wedding saree should complement your body type and highlight your best features. If you’re tall and slim, go for Banarasi silk sarees with heavy embellishments, larger motifs, bold colors, and heavy borders e.g: raw silk sarees, tussar silk sarees or Banarasi net sarees in large prints.


If you’re short or a little on the heavier side, experiment with light colors, vertical prints and short borders. Look for Mysore silk sarees,pure georgette sarees or pure crepe sarees​​ for your special occasion.


Complexion: Here’s another handy tip to decide the colour of your wedding saree. It should always complement your skin tone. For paler complexion, try lighter shades of pink, soft gold, yellow and peach. Wheatish complexion looks gorgeous in bright shades like vibrant red, bright mustard yellow or royal blue. And with dusky or olive complexion, you can pull off any rich and dark shades like brick red, marsala, metallic shades (gold, silver, bronze)



Indian weddings are known for their elaborate pre as well as post wedding rituals. Each occasion is an opportunity to flaunt your traditional sartorial senses in gorgeous silk sarees. For morning rituals you can choose Banarasi pure silk handloom sarees or pure chiffon sareeswith a contemporary charm which are gorgeous yet easy-to-carry. For evening events full of music and all-round revelry, try a Kanchipuram wedding saree in bright, bold colours to be the exquisitely beautiful bride you were always meant to be. 

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