It would have destroyed cities and pests patroling everywhere

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I enjoy this as RuneScape gold provides new players a reason to complete the holiday events. I recall when I started runescape I did not see a reason to go to the easter event, following all the ring was useless, and the fantastic training areas were almost empty all the sudden. If I knew that they could be somewhat useful I would have gone . Looking back, its a pity I didn't as I consider the egg ring among the best rewards. I've been wondering what other people think (or hope) rumoured upgrades such as Acheron or even the Eastern lands would be. So read my opinions then place your own.

Acheron - I"m hoping that this will be like a large scale Barbarian Village, at the simple fact that in Barb. Village folks help each other out. (fishers contribute to stoves, stoves give to fighters). I am presuming it will be pretty large. It could have a port of entry and hunter outposts, which would be the only places resistant in the freeze result (frostbite sets in and hurts you, particular clothes delay timer until it sets in.) . You could track big game like mammoths and saber tooths all over the continent and take them down. Fishers could fish special fish that are just from the cold northern waters. The clothes (made from mammoth fur) are degradeable, causing crafters to be very important and maintain goods flowing. Light a fire and standing near it could also reset the timer till frostbite. Special artic trees would be sprinkled round the continent. Penguin patrols would be a continuous menace. Special ores could also be found.

Eastern Lands - Likely just going to be another ordinary kingdom, but if we are lucky we will find some feudal japan system. So I kept a bunch of ideas for it in my mind, believing them ridiculous. PC- go through the portals into a world conquered by pests.

It would have destroyed cities and pests patroling everywhere. Find survivors of the native race after getting some artifacts giving us more insight about the pests- they're a disease that infects and mutates biological and mechanical issue. We would need to fight more kinds of pests, eventually killing the queen with this world and sealing the portal site into another planet (continue similarly until homeworld is reached, then (groan) find that the pests conquested in more than just one portal route. have fun!

I've noticed this years ago that a lot of people believed that'the slayerdart is not affected by magical bonus' (which is not true) But it has been spreaded provided that today that this is bogus, yet I discovered that many of folks still use it! A man here (that is already quite high overal (and contains 91magic)), utilized slayer dart for a couple of days in barrows and he gained 400k xp; but when he utilized firewave (which is about precisely the exact same strength, but a lot more expertise ), he would have cheap OSRS gold had 1.25m, possibly even more experience!